Prenatal Chiropractic & Lower Back Pain


Lower Back Pain

For residents of Belvidere, IL, Generations Chiropractic Wellness is proud to offer a full range of chiropractic services. Whether you have been suffering from nagging pain or recovering from a recent accident, our chiropractor team can help you regain optimum fitness. Apart from working on reducing pain and stiffness, we focus on finding the underlying conditions of the symptoms so our patients can achieve long-lasting relief. Chiropractic care is extremely safe and is non-invasive and non-surgical. Continue reading to learn more about chiropractic care and how it can help relieve low back pain.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

One of the most common ailments for our new patients is lower back pain. Fortunately, chiropractic techniques are known to be very successful in providing relief from lower back pain. The most common cause of the lower back is a torn or pulled muscle or ligament. This can happen from lifting heavy objects, accidents, poor posture, sports injuries, or any sudden movement that puts excessive stress on the back.

In some cases, a lumbar herniated disc could be causing the pain. The herniated disc can break through a layer and irritate the nerves. Degenerative disc disease is more common in older individuals but can happen to anyone. Other causes include facet joint dysfunction, whiplash, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, deformity, and several other conditions.

Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to treat lower back pain. They can apply soft tissue therapy, in which the chiropractor uses manual manipulation or instrument-assisted therapy to treat injured, tight or sore muscles. Some lower back issues are caused by misalignment of the spine. A chiropractor can use a combination of quick thrusts and gentle pressure to gradually align the spine. They may also apply specialized techniques such as lumbar roll, toggle drop, release work, or table adjustments.

Whiplash Treatment

A whiplash injury can be caused by a sudden and abrupt jerk to the head and neck. The adjusted jerk can cause injury to the muscles of the neck connecting to the head. A chiropractor can provide whiplash treatment by gently moving the joint in the direction it is being restricted. The chiropractor might want to have a look at imaging tests such as x-rays, CT scans, etc. before providing whiplash treatment.

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