Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a problem that can be addressed through a chiropractor in Belvidere, IL. People of all ages can benefit from the natural pain relief that chiropractic treatment can provide. At Generations Chiropractic Wellness, we can work with patients of any age to find the root cause of their lower back pain and restore the spine to wellness. With a wide range of techniques to get the spine into alignment and restore health, chiropractic care is a therapy to consider for lower back pain relief and pain management.


Assessing Your Lower Back Pain

The cause of your lower back pain may not be obvious right away. If you have been taking pain medication, this is only going to mask the cause of the problem. Our chiropractor will assess your range of motion, pain levels, and do a variety of tests to figure out the cause of your pain. You may need to have imaging done to get a better idea of what is causing your pain. Once your evaluation is over, you will be able to start treatment with our chiropractor in Belvidere to improve the alignment of your spine. You can get pain relief naturally from lower back pain, when you get the support, you need from a chiropractor.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Belvidere

Treatment for lower back pain may, in part, consist of getting the inflammation under control, while supporting your muscles, ligaments and tendons that help keep your spine in place. Spinal adjustments can help get your spine into alignment, while ultrasound improves circulation to the area. Hot or cold therapy may be used to relax muscles or decrease inflammation. You may be scheduled several times a week with our chiropractor in the early stages of your recovery, as consistent treatment can be a good way for you to heal. You may be taught stretches or exercises to do at home in between sessions. This can help further enhance your ability to heal your body without the use of medication.

Learn More about Lower Back Pain Relief with Us

Lower back pain can occur at any age, and it can be important to find the relief you can through natural care. At Generations Chiropractic Wellness in Belvidere, IL, we take care of spines of all ages, and we are ready to help you find the pain management with our chiropractor. Call us at (815) 547-6333 and see how chiropractic care can give you the treatment you need to heal.

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