Upper Back Pain Treatment in Belvidere, IL

Chiropractic Care for Upper Back Pain

You likely already know you should seek chiropractic care if you are experiencing lower back pain. However, upper back pain is just as common and the best way to treat it is through chiropractic therapy. At Generations Chiropractic Wellness in Belvedere, Dr. Sam provides exceptional chiropractic care for pain management and relief.

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When Should You Seek Chiropractic Care for Upper Back Aches?

Seeking chiropractic care for your upper back ache sooner means you will get pain relief sooner. You should see a chiropractor for an examination if you experience any of the following:

  • You are experiencing neck pain, feel a cramp on your neck, or have a tight, painful jaw. In most cases, neck pain indicates that a vertebra in your upper back is out of alignment. Chiropractic therapy will properly align your spine and provide upper back pain relief.
  • You are involved in an auto accident. Vehicle accidents, even at slow speeds, commonly cause neck and upper back injuries such as whiplash. You should visit a chiropractic clinic immediately after an accident, even if you seem fine. Whiplash injuries can manifest from a few hours to a few days after the accident. The longer you wait to see a chiropractor, the more complicated the therapy and pain management will be.
  • You are frequently experiencing a tingling sensation and a loss of strength in your arms or legs. Usually, you will experience the tingling sensation and loss of strength in your arms or legs due to poor blood circulation. If you keep experiencing these symptoms for about a week without any apparent cause for your poor blood circulation, there might be a problem with your upper back.
  • You have redness or swelling around your upper back area. If you notice redness or swelling around your upper back that doesn’t seem to subside after a week, you could have an upper back problem.

What To Expect

Our chiropractor will ask you routine questions as we review your medical records. We will then perform a routine physical exam of your cervical spine to identify the cause of your upper back ache. If necessary, we will do more tests, including a CT scan, x-ray, or MRI. Once the cause of your upper back ache is established, we will create a custom treatment plan and you can begin your treatment.

Get Effective Back Pain Relief in Belvidere, IL

At Generations Chiropractic Wellness in Belvidere, Dr. Sam provides a variety of treatments to help our patients find natural and effective upper back pain relief. Call our team today at (815) 547-6333 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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